How Can I Tell What Style of Belt I Have?


  • First, you need to figure out your width.  We refer to our belts by the the width of the buckle, NOT the strap.  If you measure the shorter/vertical side of your buckle face, it is either 30mm, 35mm or 40mm wide.
  • You can also determine the width of you belt by looking at the non-buckle end of your belt.
  • If it is rounded and double-stitched, it is a 35mm belt
  • If it is more squared and either leather, nylon, or canvas, it is a 40mm belt. 
  • If it is tapered with a squared off end, it is a 30mm belt.

Strap Material

  • We currently have 3 materials for our straps - Leather, Nylon, and Canvas.
  • Leather has a smooth leather texture on both the inside and outside of the strap, and has the phrase "'s leather" on the inside near the non-buckle tip .
  • Nylon has leather interior with a topographical map design, and Nylon exterior.  It has a stitched label on the inside of the non-buckle tip.
  • Canvas has both canvas material on the inside and outside, and has a ... on the inside non-buckle tip.


  • Our straps are cut-to-fit and can be adjusted to any length by removing the buckle and cutting down that end, and then re-inserting it back into the buckle clasp. Click here for a tutorial on how to resize your belt.
  • When in doubt, err on ordering a size too large, because you can always easily resize it down to the correct size, but you can't make it longer.

Men's Sizing

 General Belt Size S M L XL C
Physical Length 42" 44" 46" 50" 60"
Pant Size 28-32 33-35 36-38 39-42 up to 56


Women's Sizing

General Belt Size






Physical Length
43" 46.5" 50"
Pants Size
0-2 4-6 8-10 12 14-16
Numerical Pant Size
22-25 26-29 30-33 34-35 36-39

Kid's Sizing

 General Belt Size S/M L/XL
Physical Length 28" 32"
Pants Size 5-7 8-10


  • Because image color can vary and show differently on different screens, in different light, etc, it is sometimes difficult to know the exact shade of your color, particularly with our various Brown colors.  Every Belt has a code printed on the leather identifying the color and size, that looks something like this: BLK-1.25-L.  The first 3 letters is the color code, and if you include that with you request, we can make sure to get you the exact same color you ordered previously.
  • Here are some images of our popular but sometimes confusing colors, for your reference:

  • Finally, if you are ever returning or replacing a buckle, we have a quality control code stamped into the clasp on the back, and if you can include that with your request, it helps us to improve our processes, so please include that if possible.  Here is a picture of where that is located: