Anahit is from Armenia and makes a living through cattle-breeding. Along with her husband and sons, they raise cattle, sheep and chickens. To increase their income, Anahit is using the money from the loan to do several things: Purchase more cattle, renovate the barn to give the animals a better living conditions, and fuel and for transportation of the livestock.

The loan is very important to her because she wants to improve the living conditions for her, her husband, 3 sons and daughter.

 Anahit and one of her 3 sons

The Mission Belt Co is proud to support Anahit and her family. Our mission to help give people a hand up wouldn't be possible without those who purchase the Mission Belt. Anahit has been very thankful and is already working on repaying her loan. Once again, thank you to all who support this great cause!

October 29, 2012 — Jeff Jensen