The Juu Kwa Juu Group is made of young men from Tanzania who run a beauty salon service. In this group there is a young man named Elisaria who is single, 20 year old man. He currently works 13 hours days at the salon and makes a decent living by doing so.

In the past Elisaria has received a loan to do renovations on the Salon, and he was able to quickly pay it back. He is now asking for a loan to rent a plot for expansion.

The benefit of being part of group helps keep everyone accountable for paying back the loan. Everyone in the group is very committed to the business and to offering the best services possible.

Elisaria hopes that through his hard work, he will be able to build his own house and improve his quality of living.


The Juu Kwa Juu Group.

The loan has been put to good use and the business is flourishing. The Juu Kwa Juu Group has almost payed back the entirety of the loan and have been very thankful for the opportunity.

The Mission Belt Co is proud to be associated with the Juu Kwa Juu Group because of their hardworking attitude. Our mission doesn't involve giving handouts, it is all about giving a hand up on life.

A portion of every Mission Belt that is sold is given to helping people worldwide that are seeking opportunities to get a hand up on life.

February 05, 2013 — Jeff Jensen