Founded in the district of Moung Russey, Camobida, the Mom Group has been using Kiva loans to improve their agricultural businesses.

Mom is a 43 year-old wife, and mother of 7 children (five of which are dependent on her care, but also help with the family business). 

To make a living for her and her family, Mom has been growing and selling rice for the past eight years. She supplements her income by also raising pigs. Although she is able to make a profit through her business, the margins are thin and the smallest thing could cause some serious financial trouble for Mom and her family.

This is the second loan that Mom has received. She was able to quickly repay her loan which helped her expand her crop. She is trying to take her farm to the next level with this current loan by purchasing fertilizer and also some more pigs.

Mom (pictured left) and two other members of her group

Mom has been able to purchase the things she needs to further her business. The group has already repaid two-thirds of the loan given them and they have been very thankful for the opportunity given to them.

Here at the Mission Belt Co we strive to help people like Mom and her group so they can provide for themselves a better quality of living. Our motto is to give a hand up, not a hand out and we feel that Mom is a great example of someone who is trying to be self-sustaining.

How is any of this possible? This is 100% dependent on people who buy the Mission Belt. For each one that is sold we  donate a dollar to people worldwide like Mom and her group. Thank you to everyone who has supported the mission!

May 13, 2013 — Wes Moss