In a word, holes. Holes make belts wear out faster than they should. There are only a few men in the world that don't fluctuate a bit on their belt sizes. They are guys like Clark Kent, Emilio Estevez, and that guy from the Old Spice commercials. So taking them out of the equation, everybody that uses a traditional holes belt uses different holes on the belt from one week or month to the other. This causes strain on the holes and that wouldn't be a problem really if we only used one hole. But belt makers, knowing that we change in size from week to week, give us about six different holes to use and we all use them. It catalogs our gym time or lack of gym time in some cases. It looks dumpy and turns an expensive piece of clothing into an embarrassing accent for all to see. 

Holes Ruin the Belt

I myself have ruined a perfectly good belts by just being a guy. You loosen your belt one day and the next it looks like crap. The holes are gaping wide open and the buckle marks are totally visible. It says, "girls, I have no control over my life". It's simply a bad look. Thank goodness for Mission Belts. Mission Belts are specifically designed to not wear out or show signs of wear. How can that be done one might ask. It's simple. We took out the holes. The Mission Belt is a no-holes belt that will change your life forever. Say goodbye to holes gentleman and hello to comfort and style. It's really that simple. Thanks to the no-holes technology, your belt will now outlast you. It's suddenly an item you can pass on to the kids after you kick the bucket, that is if you kick the bucket. Who knows. With this new "revolutionary" sliding design around your waist all the time maybe it will inspire someone to cure death because they can't imagine leaving behind their Mission Belt. All jokes aside the Mission Belt is a game changer. It looks and feels great all the time. You work out as much as you want and eat a ton at thanksgiving too. The Mission Belt will give you the couple of centimeters you men need to be men. Mission Belt will continue to look good and feel great. Who knows. After converting to the Mission Belt maybe you will be a Clark Kent kind of guy or an Emilio Estevez type that never changes a millimeter in size. Mission Belts have inspired great things. 

Say Goodbye To Holes

August 14, 2012 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts